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Eliminate Daylight Saving Time! | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

I know this isn’t related to Imagine Fandom, but still something important. Take a moment and sign up and sign the petition. Thx

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Sick stalkers. I hope karma pays you a swift and vengeful visit.



This is disgusting and disrespectful. These are acts of obsessive, ignorant, crazed fans who clearly have their priorities out of whack. No celebrity owes you anything. If you know someone doing this, please try and talk some sense into them. Get a grip, find a better hobby, get a life and let the other party enjoy theirs as well.

A dream:

Imagine Tom accompanying you to a beach house you once shared ownership with your Ex husband; Tom is only their as an old dear friend. Unfortunately, your ex-hub and some mutual  friends have decided to stay at the beach the same time as you. There is more than enough room, but upon learning this, Tom takes it very personally and wants to make sure you feel empowered in this unfortunate situation, so he purposely waits until everyone; specifically your ex, are all in the living room, hanging out, when he leans in and plants a very passionate kiss on your lips; you try to pull away, partially out of shock and partially out of embarrassment; you don’t want your friends watching and don’t know what to expect from your ex. You can’t even really enjoy the moment, your brain is far too wrapped up, a million miles away from and not able to appreciate what Tom is doing for you. Glancing around, you eye your ex, staring directly at you..seething, confused, gasping at what he is witnessing. Toms grasps at you more forcefully and you give in, forgetting your surroundings and enjoying his soft perfect lips…..

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